Transmission & Distribution 

Its dedication for over 70 years to the design and manufacture of metallic structures for transport and distribution towers and substations, in all of its applications, for a large number of national and international customers, have allowed MADE to acquire the necessary experience to tackle any technical difficulty that may arise.
The experience added to our constant innovation allow us to be bench mark supplier of:

• Galvanized steel towers for overhead power line for transport and distribution.
• Structures for substations.
• Supports for radio, telephone and television.
• Catenary system posts for the railway sector.

Fittings and Accessories

MADE Torres has a proven track record in the design and manufacturing of distribution and transmission hardware fittings up to 500 KV and other applications in the communication technology sector.

The research and development department at MADE Torres factory is equipped with the technology to produce the most sophisticated fitting for all climatic conditions and uses, guaranteeing the total reliability of the finished product, and in line with the client specifications.

MADE Torres has its own catalogue of hardware fittings.


MADE has the most modern installations in the industrial setting of hot-dip galvanizing by dipping in molten zinc (with the possibility of subsequent passivation on request), with the following characteristics:

  • Annual capacity 50,000 tons.
  • Vats [12,5 mts x 1,5 mts x 2,7 mts.]
  • Degreasing, pickling and fluxing plant :
  • • 1 degreasing vat
    • 6 pickling vats
    • 1 washing vat
    • 1 fluxing vat
    • 1 drying Room

  • Galvanizing installation :
  • • 1 galvanizing crucible
    • 1 water-cooling vat
    • 1 passivation vat

  • Annexed installations:
  • • Fume extraction system
    • Flux heating and treatment system
    • Laboratory

Made is a member of ATEG (Asociación Técnica Española de Galvanización).