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ELECTRIC POWER MARKET: Towers and Substations

The production process for steel structures in Made Torres involves the following stages:

1. The design of structure is provided by the client, or is prepared by our Technical Office, in line with the required specifications. In both cases, the relationship with the client when defining the product is constant.

2. Once the product has been defined, in the case of a new design we go on to produce a prototype, which makes it possible to:

• Verify and rectify, if necessary, the detailed plans.
• Guarantee that all the elements manufactured can be assembled properly and easily.
• When so required by clients, carry out full-scale in our testing shop. These trials enable us to verify the mechanical behaviour of towers under real conditions.

3. Once the final design and technical specifications have been approved, we move on to mass production (cutting, marking out, drilling and punching)

4. After their manufacture, the components go on to the galvanisation plant, where they are degreased, pickled, dried and preheated prior to being dipped in the molten zinc bath.

5. Finally, all components are suitably packaged.

Made is one of the main manufacturers of metallic structures for substations up to 500 kV, offering construction solutions in lattice and solid web, depending on our clients’ specific requirements.