Made is an industrial company specialized in the design and manufacture of metallic structures mainly for the electric, photovoltaic, thermosolar, railway and telecommunications sectors.



Made was established in 1940.
Their experience in design and manufacture of metallic structures for towers and substations and the constant innovation, have turned Made into a supplier of reference of electrical and telecommunications companies on the domestic and in international markets and, more recently, also in the photovoltaic and thermosolar sectors.

In Medina del Campo’s factory, which has a surface of 120.000 m² and a production capacity of fifty thousand tn/year, metallic structures are designed and produced for overhead power lines for transmission and distribution, electrical substations, thermosolar plants, etc.

Another market of reference for Made is the telecommunications sector, where Made positioned it self as supplier of mobile telephone infrastructures to the largest

domestic and international telecommunication companies, and metallic structures for radio and television towers for different administrations.
The company also has taken part in the manufacture of catenary system posts forhigh speed railway lines, like Madrid-Barcelona, Segovia-Valladolid; Córdoba–Málaga o Barcelona-Figueras.

The thermosolar and photovoltaic sectors, that have lived through a great development in the last decades, are also key for the company’s activity, which has managed to turn into one of the main suppliers of metallic structures for the major solar parks and thermosolar power plants worldwide.

Other business lines for Made, are the manufacture of fittings and accessories, with a production capacity of two million pieces a year and hot-dip galvanization for third parties with more than 50.000 tons of annual capacity.














Thanks to the company´s know-how and extensive experience, coupled with a highly-skilled human team, it now exports to over 40 countries throughout the world.

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